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Your doctor knows that being overweight and obesity are one of the major causes of death associated with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, breathing difficulties and of course, depression.

We also know hypnosis is one of the most effective methods
for assisting you to get on track. Change begins in the mind.

Most people by now, know they need to do simple things
when they purchase this program. They must eat properly, get proper rest, enjoy moderate exercise and drink more water.

You'll enjoy how EASY and EFFORTLESS this effective way to become
naturally thin is. Now you will use our exclusive program to make these positive behaviors a delicious life long habit.

You will be persuaded unconsciously with our brea
kthrough powerful
audio weight loss success programs.


"I've lost 20 pounds in just 7 weeks.
The progam's have changed my life and will changeyours also."

Naturally Thin < START HERE
This is the foundational program that instills all the principles to successful weight loss. You'll enjoy how easy it is to relax, let go and allow your mind and body to absorb the concepts that will assist you to become and remain, Naturally Thin. A Complete Fast Track program that includes bonus eBook and special MP3 ....
Learn More About the Program

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I have been in Berlin for a while. During much of my time there, I had little control of my food choices and major restraints on my time for exercise. Anyway, thanks to your training, I was able to really savor the meals, eat slowly, and eat only as much as my body needed. I was surprised to find that when I returned home. I continue on the downward trend. Since this was so easy, I have moved the goal out 5 more pounds. No problem." Diane


Dear Mr. Spencer,

Hello my name is Devlin. You probably don’t remember me, but you hypnotized me along with a group of people at Doug & Jackie Miranda’s Vegas Dance Explosion back in November 2007. To start off let me just stay that night changed my life! Right before the show ended you told all of us to think of something we wanted more than anything. At the time I was about 280/300lbs, I had no more self-esteem and I was always depressed. That night I imagined myself slimming down.
Over the past 2 1/2 yrs I have lost over 130lbs, and keep getting slimmer and more fit, not to mention a million times healthier and happier. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


"I've lost 20 pounds in just 7 weeks. The CD's have changed my life and will change yours also." Jillian


"I've lost over 40 pounds and I feel great!" Carol

"I will be able to incorporate this into my practice." Dr. Brooks, MD

"There has been such a CHANGE in me. It is Unbelievable!" Linda

"Thanks for your help. I'm down 59 pounds and I now enjoy exercising and have changed the way I think about food." Ramona.

My friends thought I was crazy. Hypnosis to lose weight? 43 pounds and burning fat by the minute. Now they follow me to class. They could have started when I did. Catch me if you can!" Sue


"I dropped 20 pounds in just 3 weeks. Thank you so much!" Debbie


Develop more self-confidence and become empowered with this program that smashes old-outdated beliefs and instills powerful self-confidence.

only $19.90

Positive Self-Image
With a positive self-image you become a awesome and unstoppable force for successful and lasting change the way you determine. Discover that "part of you" that sabotages you and get things moving in a positive direction once and for all.

only $19.90

Speed Up Your Weight Loss
You can easily learn prinicples for your mind/body to speed up the process of weight loss by teaching your inner mind to focus on the positive concepts that create fast weight loss principles.

only $19.90

Create Abundant Energy w/Exercise
There is a part of you that knows exactly what exercise that you are attracted to and will stick to and will enjoy! You will discover the secrets that lead to abundant energy through easy exercise.

only $19.90

SleepNow Peaceful Sleep
Many individuals with weight loss difficulties experiences bad sleeping habits. Oftentimes this is due specifically to the problems associated with obesity. Now you can train your mind to SleepNow while you lose weight with your other Naturally Thin Weight Loss Programs.

only $29.95

The Complete Naturally Thin Weight Loss Series
Most of our customers purchase 2 or 3 products here. You can own the entire series above, not including Brainwash Your Weight Away, and save $40.00!

149.50 SAVE only $119.50

Brainwash Your Weight Away!
Listen. You've been used by the food industry and special interest corporate profiteers to get rich at your healthy expense. This program will wash away the lies and expose the truth so your brain can operate the way it is meant to be. CAUTION!! This is the only program that does use strong offensive language. Do not buy if you are easily offended by harsh reality. Do buy if you are serious about getting healthy, losing weight and putting money in your pocket and telling corporate greed to *&%^ off.

only $49.00

BONUS: We'll send you the eBook also. A MUST HAVE!

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