Questions & Answers about the Show

Q: How can you describe the Spencer Comedy Hypnosis Show?
A: It is the ultimate audience particiaption show that is designed for each specific event. It is fun, suitable for all audiences and non-stop laughter! We use a lot of music that everyone can enjoy, get everyone involved and create memories that last a lifetimel.
We start with high energy music, a fun introduction and then we ask for volunteers. We choose audience participants to be the stars of the show and to be hypnotized on stage.Soon they will achieve a deep hypnotic state and the fun begins. The audience will be laughting hyterically and the participants are, well, Hypnotized! (they will have the best of times)

Q: Do the people on stage really have more fun?
A: Yes! They have more fun than anyone. Not only do they get an incredible amount of hypnotic rest but they are the true stars of the show are are treated with upmost respect. And at the end of the show they each get powerful positive suggestions to benefit them personally for coming up and having a fantastic time!

Q: How long is the Spencer Comedy Hypnosis Show?
A: We offer a 60 minute or a 90 minute show.

Q: What is the cost of the show?
A: The hypnosis show offers a very simple all inclusive fee. Contact us today and let us know your needs and we can give you an excellant flat fee today.
The show fee depends on several factors such as show length, travel expense, time of year, scheduling, etc.

Q: We are a school or organization that is small and does not usually have the funds for these types of events. How can we secure your services and provide your fun show to our audience?
A: First, inquire about our all inclusive fee. You'll find our service is very affordable.
Some events partner with others to secure the program and many events will charge a small admission fee to cover the costs. You should also go to the Fundraising Page and see how incredibly easy it is to hire us and make money also for your program.

Q: What times do you offer a performance?
A: Good question! We work by contract so we offer morning, afternoon and evening programs.

Q: What about pre-show support issues?
A: Yes!! Our goal is to help you make your event a success! We offer press releases, print, radio and television interviews, etc. If you are a school and have hired us for an evening event we do offer a teaser assembly to get the interest buzzing around campus. Whatever we can do to help your event be a success, you can be certain we will help.

Q: If following your show, our students have questions about hypnosis will someone speak with them?
A: Spencer is always available for post show discussions, autographs, meeting your audience and making sure they have the opportunity to have any questions answered following your show. Also we can provide show pamphlets to everyone in the audience for a nominal fee if you would like.

Q: What audio or visual technical requirements are there?
A: A standard sound system with three output channels. Normally we use our own mixer and just plug into your in-house system. Just let us know what you have. It may work fine but often we need to use our own system. Also if you would like to utilize a full blown visual show that is "Vegas" style let us know. We can make your event spectacular!!!

Q: Can you provide a full professional sound system for the show?
A: Yes, we can provide a sound system for your show for a nominal fee.

Q: Do you have special staging requirements?
A: A performance area of 24' by 16' feet is perfect, however we have been known to improvise. We can make just about any area workable. In addition, fifteen to twenty straight back armless chairs and 2 small rectangular table are required.

Q: What type of performing location do you prefer?
A: The Spencer Comedy Hypnosis Show can be presented in a theater, convention room, nightclubs or outdoor arena. As stated we can make almost anyplace work. Just contact us about your event and we'll make it happen!

Q: Do you have any special requests such as certain foods, etc. in your rider?
A: No. Your professional program comes to you without green peanut M & M's so you have a hassle free event!

Q: Is there anything else I need to know?
A: Nothing more for now. Contact us for dates, times and let's get to some fun planning!


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