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Power Your Mind Success Programming

With our Exclusive Powerful Digital Technology with Binaural Frequency Beats, your brain's frequencies can be easily and quickly adjusted to promote quick and healthy sleep patterns. Our Binaural Frequency Beats actually lower your brain frequencies from Beta to Alpha, Theta, and Delta which will help you slide into a deep sleep. Our Binaural Frequency Beats are safe, and there is no need to take sleeping pills anymore.



We utilize state of the art digital technology that consists of "Whole-Brain" learning.
You can be assured that each recording will help you maximize your potential.
Listen to each program for at least 21 days and you'll notice an awesome difference in your life!

Deep Hypnosis Conditioning
Your journey into wellness begins by training your mind and body how to turn loose, let go and experience deep hypnosis.

Control Your Mind
Control your mind, control your life. Bring your mind into subjugation once and for all. Great for ADD!

The Secret to Attracting Abundance
Use the Law of Attraction to program your mind for abundance.

Matrix of Success
Your reality is created by your internal computer. Discover the Matrix of Success!.

Creation Through Thought
By using these dynamic principles you will change your thoughts to change your life.

The Promise
The one program that will deliver everything your life deserves. I promise.

Dream of a Lifetime
I had a dream one night. It was a gift that I now share with you. Put this dream into your subconscious mind and experience the shift of a lifetime.

Sales Success
When you mind is locked into a success mechanism, your financial rewards will only skyrocket. This is your opportunity to reach your goals by programming your mind correctly.

Unleash Your Potential
You have a potential that is unlimited in nature. GET it Now.

Optimum Health
Health begins in the mind. Once you program these concepts into your mind, your body and spirit will benefit for Optimum Health.

Relax and Release Pain
Self-hypnosis is on eof the most powerful and all natural processes that you can do to control pain in your body. You'll want to use this often especially if you have recurrent pain anywhere in your body.

Explore Your Body
Take a trip through your body and learn to appreciate its functions and its beauty. A perfect adjunct for any health related program or HypnoSEX!

Confidence and Self-Love
Come to have more confidence with yourself and learn to care for yourself so you'll be best prepared to share yourself with others.

Maximum Hypnotherapist
Program your mind to act, think and feel like a Hypnotherapist does while in session. Learn to be one with the mind of those you are with.

Stage Hypnotist Mental Programming
Imagine how powerful it will be for you to act, think and feel like a Professional Stage Hypnotist. Pre-program your life, your mind, your body with this program. Simple and powerful. Are you ready for your next show?

Are you ready for train your mind and body to accept sexual pleasure? You'll enjoy the soothing female voice that will gently guide your mind and body into states of acceptance.

HypnoSEX Series
SleepNow Peaceful Sleep Series
ENJOY THE following Powerful Audio Programs. All for just $9.95!
All programs are under 10 minutes each and are downloadable.
Happiness is a state of mind achieved by understanding the thought process.
Creation Through Thought
You will want these fundamental truths etched permanently into your subconscious mind.

When you're feeling low, put on
your headphones and this
program will get you started!

Matrix of Success
Discover the Matrix of Success inside your mind and learn to control your reality.
Be Here Now
Learn to live in the now. Let go of scattered thoughts and be present, here, now.
You can reshape your body with your imagination. Free the child within who knows how to play in the sky with Clouds.
The path to God is through the subconscious mind. Now you can easily open the doors with the prayer taught by Jesus.
Develop confidence with this powerful audio program. Begin now and everyday to develop your confidence.
Problem Solving
Learn how excellent human achievers
solve problems and
how to program your mind.

Vibrant Health
Vibrant health is a state of constant awareness of what you think, how you act and what you eat.
Be Debt Free
Condition your mind to be debt free. Live abundantly and draw resources to yourself.
External Influences
Tune out negative influences and accept positive ideas to yourself like a magnet.
Unleash your "sexy" side with your hypnotic powers of attraction. Become HypnoSexy!

Lucid Dreaming
Control your dreams and you control your reality. Master your destiny. OBE's, visit friends!
All products offered on this web site are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any condition.
Always consult with a trained and licensed professional before using any of the products involving pain or psychological conditions.

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