NOVEMBER 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 2017

Every year we provide a peaceful, quiet adventure away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for
5 days of personal & professional transformation. 2017 will exceed our previous journeys in so many
ways by providing our guests the space they deserve and seek.

IMAGINE... a meeting place that provides all your needs and offers you the opportunity to expand your
life is many ways...

Our 5 Day Retreat will leave you excited, provide healing moments, expand your awareness and most
of all, leave you refreshed and ready to face to daily challenges in a deeper more meaningful way.

A very mystical time is guaranteed for the "wondering" soul. We will meet at 9am on the 13th of November
in our Temcula, California office and travel to our location arriving approximately 11am and
returning 2pm on the 17th of November so you can plan accordingly
arriving back in Temecula at approximately 3:30pm.

Imagine a world, your world, brilliant and filled with hope and beauty

and things just seemed to work for you.

A world where nothing is impossible, in fact all things exist for your pleasure.

IMAGINE..it started out as a small idea in your mind...

and then it expanded in your dreams....

And now Your Quest is Here.
We provide complete daily meals. You help cook, clean, play!
Fresh organic meals are prepared fresh!.

What is The Retreat

A blend of ancient wisdom with traditional transformational tools.

This 5 - Day outdoor retreat & experiential class will explore alternative healing techniques as we blend the wisdom of shamanism with modern knowledge.  The healer is constantly seeking new ways to work with the earth and incorporate this sacred knowledge in their work.  At the center you just need an open heart, mind and spirit. This alternative adventure in consciousness will prepare one for a personal experience that will expand their work with the planet. Your 5 - day journey will transform the way you interact with others and quite possible the way you view what you call reality..


Anyone who needs a break from everyday stressors.
Anyone who needs a few days to get grounded and find peace within oneself.
Anyone who is seeking a greater pathof understanding on this journey of life.
This is for adult men and women who wish to discover their core in an environment conducive to that goal.


~ Ecstatic states of consciousness
~ Hands on healing
~ Hypnotic Rituals
~ Working with energy fields
~ Medicine Wheel
~ Mystical hypnotism
~ Hypno-Kinesiology
~ Multi-level Communication - Covert - Conversational
~ Perform plastic surgery of the mind
~ Sweat Lodge Ceremony

~ Wilderness walks
~ Power Animals

~ Power of Myth & StoryTelling
~ Personal one on one time with an instructor to get clear

You'll participate in several self-healing rituals that every good healer needs to nurture their spirit!  Develop a greater appreciation for the ecology of the planet and your self as a caretaker, which ultimately reflects in your work, your life.

A very mystical time is guaranteed for the wondering soul. We will meet at 10am on the 24th of February

NOVEMBER 13 - 17, 2017
Retreat: $1297.00
Location: Beautiful Borrego Desert Southern California
We travel 2 hours east to our retreat. You will bring a tent.
Water, showers, food is all provided in your fee.

You must enroll by September 10th, 2017 to join our next class to be held November 13 - 17. No exceptions due to restrictions of camping area and some activities we must reserve in advance.


This will be an outdoor experience. You will receive a packet
of information on all the items you will need to bring and what not to bring.
We meet in our Temecula, California office and travel to location.
You will need a personal vehicle. 4 wheel drive is a plus!

** Please note that you need to reserve early as we need to reserve our personal seclusion early.
All payments are non-refundable. If you can not make it you will be credited for our next Retreat.