Have You Ever Dreamed of Becoming
A POWERFUL Stage Hypnotist?  

don spencer

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Hey Don,

Last Saturday I did my first show with a friend of mine.
We had a fantastic time. I am very happy and want to tell you that and say thanks to you!
plus we made 1000 Euro.
(1271.00 USD)
Greetings Martin (Amsterdam)

Have You Ever Wondered What It Would Be Like to Travel
Anytime And Make More Money In One Hour
Than Most People Make In an Entire Month?

What would people say about YOU, if you were able to hypnotize anyone..... in less than 1 second? Would you be on a radio program broadcast to over 500,000 people?

What would they be willing to pay to see you, if you could get them to suspend their critical patterns of thinking, in as little as 1 minute..... and make them laugh and have more fun than we've probably had in years?

How would you feel if you could hypnotize people to step outside their normal life experience and become anything you determined them to be..... and what if you could do that all in 60 minutes or less?

How will you feel when 100's of people are applauding your work, paying you thousands of dollars and YOU are making more money from evening of "work" than ever before?


Better Keep Reading........

"Now You Can Have Fun, Travel &
Be a Hypnosis Star, Help Others
and Make Money at the Same Time
as a Powerful Stage Hypnotist..."

Recently Don Spencer got together with Igor Lechodowski.

Together they put together what is destined to be THE Professional Stage Hypnosis Home Study Course that will be the Golden Standard in this profession.

Imagine, the 2 Leading Authorities in the world of hypnosis, Don Spencer, the World's Fastest Hypnotist, who has traveled the planet countless times hypnotizing over 1,000,000 people and Igor Lechodowski, founder of Street Hypnosis. Together in Las Vegas they were a force to be reckoned with!

They attracted 80 people in Las Vegas at the Venetian Resort and Casino on the Strip and literally put those people through what is hand's down, the roughest, toughest, brutal stage hypnosis "Boot camp" ever developed. 9am to 9pm and later for 4 days straight. Brains were exploding with hypnotic knowledge and stealth like raw skills never before unleashed on a group this dedicated and focused to produce only one thing...... Powerful Stage Hypnotists!

You know what? It worked. You'll feel the passion and you'll learn everything those 80 people went through in order to become World Class Stage Hypnotists. You do have a bit of an unfair advantage however. You'll be able to pace yourself AND watch your DVD's at your leisure AND as many times as you want so you won't miss a thing. Naturally you will watch and practice, watch and practice.

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Okay now, nearly every stage hypnotist on the web wants to try and impress you with what great hypnotists they are. The reality is that it's very simple for a good stage hypnotist to do their thing, so you are not interested in that. What you actually want is someone who can really teach YOU to be a Great Stage Hypnotist -- and that's what Don Spencer and Igor does -- brilliantly -- in this Professional Stage Hypnosis Home Study course. You want someone who actually has mastered the clinical side of hypnosis, who has mastered the instructor side of hypnosis, who has mastered the business of show business with the outrageous and funny side of hypnotic entertainment by producing the longest running weekly comedy hypnosis show and has traveled the world and has no need to feed you a lot of B. S.


So instead of creating a bunch of hype, I'm just going to flat out tell you what's in store for you when you read all about this course below, watch the videos and allow yourself to make your own decision. Keep that in mind because you'll want to be one of the first 100 people to order now and save over $2,000.00 in Special Bonuses. More on that later.

Honestly, I believe this page is among friends and followers. The only people who will have access to this page are people who are already familiar with Don's work, or those referred to Don by someone else who is impressed with his work.

So I am going to treat you like a friend here - and that means since you are already probably aware of Don's extensive and impressive background in the world of hypnosis I have no need to bring you hype about how you will be able to control people, bend their wills and make them do anything you want. Instead, let's talk about how you can learn to be your personal best as a Professional Stage Hypnotist and give the audience what they want.

Because I want you to make an informed decision... I want you to read this page and be sure about your decision when you order this course.

With information this fun and amazingly powerful, I don't want to send one to the wrong person. So let's get started on this fantastic adventure ....

Is that anyway to treat a Professional Stage Hypnotist?

For years, people have been asking Master Hypnotist Don
Spencer to create a Professional Stage Hypnosis home study
course teaching his proven methods for using rapid inductions,
creating mind-blowing changes with people on stage and off
PLUS develop a complete business model for stage hypnosis.


You can make thousands of extra dollars while having fun,
creating positive changes and being a complete force
for excellence towards humanity.

And now he's ready to tear back the once secret
veil of stage hypnotists and will break his silence
and literally "spill the beans" to show you how to
quickly and easily become a PRO!

Become a Professional Stage Hypnotist
and you can be making up to $10,000.00 or more
for a one hour show using his proven magic formula!
(I can't guarantee you'll get perks worth tens of thousands
of dollars for ONE gig, BUT...... you will learn how to do it...)

Since Don has hypnotized over 1,000,000 people and
produced the longest running comedy stage hypnosis show
running over 6 years with no breaks, traveled the world and performed before Royalty, you can rest assured
that you will be well taken care of


Professional Stage Hypnosis Training Home Study Course Outline

There is so much information packed inside the 15 DVD's that you'll probably want to watch that video above again. Over 15 hours of in-depth stage hypnosis training that you'll never get anywhere period. You'll be able to reference it over and over and over again. You'll learn all the secrets of producing a highly successful Stage Hypnosis Career.

I know many of you are already READY to begin and I don't blame you. The 15 DVD's and all the Bonuses offered below is exactly what I wish I had when I began my first show over 25 years ago! You are getting pure hypnotic adrenaline injected into your brains with this program.

There is nothing like it out there. This is THE ONLY place you need to be, THE ONLY thing you need do is simple order below. But before you do please continue to read everything carefully so you can be assured as I am how powerful and how complete this information is.

How to Be a Powerful Stage Hypnotist
Double Induction
Embrace the Attitude
Instant Induction Training

The Secrets to Becoming a Master of Instant Inductions
Failsafe Instant Inductions
Induction Speed Drill 1
Induction Speed Drill 2
Instant Induction No 2

How to Do Dramatic Hypnotic Demonstrations & Overcome Any Shyness
Hypnotically Locked Arm 
Invent Your Own Induction   
How to Beat Shyness  
Hypnotic Test & Demos

Discover the Power of Waking Inductions & How to Train An Audience
The Hypnosis Lifestyle 
Conversion Inductions
Train Your Audience  
Psychology of Demos 
Waking Suggestions
Street Hypnosis Gift
Group Hypnosis Demo

Group Induction Secrets, Corporate Inductions & How to Deal With Problems
Corporate Group Inductions
Regression Demo
Get Business Through Demos
Q & A Session
Short Group Inductions
How to Deal With Problems
The Easiest Group Induction
Alternative Instant Inductions

Instant Street Hypnosis Training & Group Dynamics You Need To Know
The Sway Test
The Power of Street Hypnosis
2 Minute Street Hypnosis
5 Step Street Hypnosis
Important Group Dynamics
Powerful Street Hypnosis Gifts
End of Day

How To Start A Stage Hypnosis Show the RIGHT Way!
Fun With Street Hypnosis
The Pre-show
The Induction
Show time

How to Practice the Start Of Your Stage Hypnosis Show So It Runs Perfectly Every Time
Troubleshooting Q & A’s
Practice Your Intro
Get Volunteers
Suggestion Demo
The Induction
Time Control

Discover The Exact Steps A Professional Stage Hypnotist Uses To Warm Up His Volunteers ON Stage
Play With Your Audience
Warm Up 1
Warm Up 2
Individual Routines
Warm Up 3
Q & A Session
Naughty Routines

DVD 10
The 7 Critical Phases Every Stage Hypnosis Show Must Go Through To Be A Sensational Success
Practice Warm-ups
Quick Exercise Demo
How To Make Transitions
The Main Routines
Practice Your Routines
Invent A Routine
Run A Smooth Show
Skit Music
The Law

DVD 11
Advanced Stage Hypnosis Routines & How to Invent New Routines
Create Your Own Routines
Advanced Routine Demos
World’s Sexiest Spy
Hot Disco Dancer
True Romance
Pseudo Regression
Hypnotic Gifts
Q & A Session

DVD 12
The Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Own Show
Four Wall A Show
How to Hire A DJ
Train Your DJ
Show Q & A’s

DVD 13
Secrets To A Successful Stage Hypnosis Business & How to Promote Your Show Anytime, Anywhere to Anyone
Equipment Set-up
The Human Bridge
Promote Yourself
Where To Get Hired
Q & A Session
Types of Venues
Extra Cash

DVD 14
Your Stage Hypnosis Business Questions Answered
Q & A Session
What To Charge
More Q & A’s

DVD 15
How to Put All The Parts Of Your Show Together So Everything Runs Like Clockwork & Conclusion of the Training
The Promo Show
The 7 Step Show
Show Confidence
The Dry Run
Step 1 Introduction
Step 2 Get Volunteers
Step 3 Suggestion Demo
Step 4 Induction
Step 5 Getting Ready to Play
Step 6 Main Routines
Step 7 Clear Suggestions Final Words
Final Induction
End of Seminar

"Without a doubt, the best mentor in stage hypnosis I've ever had,
ever seen, ever worked with. Thank you very much for coming into my life!



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Why Some People Shouldn't Buy This Course...

There are definitely some people who should NOT invest in this professional stage hypnosis home study course. Save your money. No offense, but if any of these describe you, well... you should probably do something else ...

Please don't buy Don's Professional Stage Hypnosis Home Study course if you don't intend to do Stage Hypnosis. This is a Professional course that will fully prepare you to produce, perform and the real possibility of getting rich being a stage hypnotist.

Spencer begins the course with a couple of sound rules:

1. Never ever let a moment to demonstrate hypnosis pass by..... never!

2. If you have no intentions or plans to have a blast and make piles of play money with this, you are wasting time and you have no business being here.

BUT, if you're the kind of person who really wants to learn all the secrets, all the business, all the passion of being a Professional Stage Hypnotist, but fails to go out and just do it, to become a stage hypnotist...... then save your money.

Just 25 Minutes into this Powerful Course,
You Will Be Ready to Start Hypnotizing People

... and by the end of the VERY first of 15 DVD's, you can actually begin dropping people into a deep hypnotic trance, deepening the trance and sending them through a brief series of rapid suggestions designed to further deepen the hypnotic state.

How do I know that? Because I was there and blown away when 80 people from around the world attended and began hypnotizing others right away! I was there when Don taught us how to hypnotize people in less than 1 minute. I had never hypnotized anyone before in my life, but about 30 minutes into the class, when I said "sleep," the guy I was working with dropped like a swatted fly! I was amazed even though it seemed weird, however I was hooked! The next few people I had to keep from falling face down on the floor and on my skirt.

So I now know first-hand that Don's hypnotic methods work, and they are amazingly fast.

Nowadays to me, hypnosis is a gigantic playground. I had been interested in it for years... In fact, I had spent a bunch of money on a bunch of courses, but I never felt comfortable or confident enough to actually do anything with it. After taking this training, I can do hypnosis on anyone. So can the dozens of other people in the classes, every single one of them! I know you'll be doing this yourself, when you get this course.

Don's course is for the seriously curious and hypnotic visionaries who really want to have have a blast doing hypnosis. Too often I have met people who are too serious and uptight about hypnosis and life in general. It's time to put that all aside, loosen up a bit and have the time of your life!

Everything Don teaches in his professional stage hypnosis home study course does have it's serious side, but it is tempered with having way too much fun and making a ton of cash! You wouldn't mind making $1000 - $10000 for a one hour show would you? The nice thing I know about Don is that this is what he does. He is not a part timer. He has dedicated his life to every aspect of this thing called hypnosis. He is the consummate professional as Igor said.

Anyhow, you'll soon discover that for yourself. He'll take you right into the entire process to become a professional stage hypnotist. Forget about hours of boring lectures. You'll dive head first into his amazing hypnotic world!

And if you are willing to follow his system, to put it to work for you, and do what he does (and he'll show you exactly how to do in this powerful training), then I am convinced Don Spencer's Stage Hypnosis Home Study course will give you the tools, the skill sets, the insights, the passion and the power to become a Master Stage Hypnotist.

BE PREPARED to have Hundred's or Thousands of people
applauding You and YOUR show.

Igor Lechodowski from street hypnosis says, "Don Spencer is the leading authority in Stage Hypnosis today. He show is "stunning".

"Anyone contemplating doing a stage show will benefit.... He is a consummate stage performer as well as having immense skills in hypnotherapy as well."

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Igor Lechodowski
Conversational Hypnosis Expert

"It's fun, it's experiential, you learn so much in so little time,
it's well worth the time and money.


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If you're afraid you won't be able to do it, or that it won't work for you, consider...

The Four Irrefutable Truths About
Every Single Stage Hypnotist...

Irrefutable Truth #1: Every single stage hypnotist on planet earth started out knowing nada, nothing, zippo about hypnosis, let alone the art and craft of stage hypnosis. That's a simple plain fact. Somewhere along the line it, the skills of hypnotism had to be learned.

Irrefutable Truth #2: Every single stage hypnotist on the planet learned it from someone else. This is another simple fact. No one is born a stage hypnotist. Naturally however, the people in your life from whom you learn hypnosis will all be part of your stage hypnosis success. Some people have gifts of performance but it can be learned. That is why you are here, to learn or add to your gifts. You'll soon understand the hypnotic principles that surround you and the sooner you learn them, the more powerful you will become.

Irrefutable Truth #3: You only master stage hypnosis by getting your hands dirty and doing the work. You must begin to study hypnosis including the business end of "show" business, comedy routines, clinical applications of hypnosis, master showmanship and so much more that you will learn in this course. Now, you can't do any of this sitting on your rear end or putting this course on a shelf because you have to jump right in and do hypnosis over and over again. (I'll promise to make it as easy as possible.)

Irrefutable Truth #4: If you made it this far it is because you have been dreaming of the day you would step out into your future because of your serious desire to not be just like those "other" stage hypnotists BUT to be part of an elite group of skilled performers that have achieved what others (including other stage hypnotists) have only dreamed of. Studying stage hypnosis with the best in the industry.

This comprehensive course will prepare you to be successful.....

Whether You're a Complete Lay Person Wanting to
Dabble in Doing Demonstrations for Friends OR Interested in
Learning Stage Hypnosis to Provide Non-Stop Comedic Relief
for Strangers in a Club, Cruise Ship, Theater, Overseas OR Your
Local Community Club, this exhaustive program is so in-depth,
so ground breaking in it's approach and so much fun,
The Professional Stage Hypnosis Home Study Course
really is the right thing for you right now.

It took Spencer years of refining his hypnotic stage craft to be able to squeeze over twenty five years of hypnotic experience, hypnotizing over 1,000,000 people worldwide and developing the longest running weekly comedy stage hypnosis show ever for over 6 1/2 years into this powerful professional stage hypnosis home study course.

Don has literally crammed his very best tips, tricks and techniques into this single, powerful course.

The bottom line is that Don has poured his heart and soul into this course, and he hasn't left anything out. This is his COMPLETE guide to his entire step-by-step process for creating a successful stage hypnosis practice where you are the star!

Until now, Spencer's unique methods have been a closely guarded secret, revealed only to those who have invested $7,500 or more to attend one of his multi-day or private mentoring training's. But now, for the first time ever, Don Spencer's revolutionary system is available to you to learn and profit from, in the privacy of your own home or office for a fraction of the cost.

The Don Spencer Professional Stage Hypnosis Advantage

There are a lot of folks out there today who claim to teach stage hypnosis, but here are a number of things that make Don Spencer stand out:

1. His powerful hypnotic stage hypnosis system is tested, proven and easy-to-learn. Every one of the students who attended the course were hypnotizing people within the first hour -- in fact, several times within the first few hours. Once you begin this course YOU will do the same.

2. The stage hypnosis home study course is packed with step by step instructions, not just a bunch of boring talk filled with hot air. You'll get excited watching other hypnotize others and then you'll probably be so excited that you'll stop the DVD and grab someone and hypnotize them in less than 1 second because you have seen how easy and fun it is once you watch the actual steps to get the results you want.

3. Learn from a true seasoned practitioner, not just a student or good teacher. The truth is that some teachers out there have never ever practiced as a full time professional stage hypnotist. Some hypnotists can't teach. With Don you get it all. Don began back in 1986, and lives and breathes hypnosis every single day. He is the real deal, a world class professional stage hypnotist ready to share his secrets of success with you. When other hypnotists need a seasoned pro, Don is their "hired gun" of choice for good reason.

4. As you jump right into this home study course you will believe you can do it. NOTHING is left to chance. Everything you need to produce a polished show including hypnotic patter, music, hypnotic language skills, is included. You might think for a moment to yourself that this is way too much for you to learn but you'll discover the simplicity because of Don's methods and teaching style. In no time at all you'll say to yourself, "Yes, I can do this and yes I am a Stage Hypnotist."You'll probably scare your family and friends with all your enthusiasm. (be sure they pay you at least 15 bucks each for the entertainment since they'd pay far more at the local movie theater and that does not include popcorn)

In Don Spencer's Professional Stage Hypnosis Home Study Course, you'll discover:

  • How to have more fun than you should legally have, make others laugh and get paid (handsomely) by being a professional stage hypnotist.
  • Don's super exclusive hypnotic process for creating rapid, hypnotic states in 3 minutes or less. Actually you'll learn how to have people hypnotized before they even know it, when you know how to set the stage properly.
  • The only question you need to ask that is simple for you to establish deep hypnotic rapport so that no one can resist. You will be an unstoppable hypnotic force.
  • ...and so much more that you'll get it all once you begin this course!
  • The powerful and complete home study course includes Fifteen DVD's plus 11 SPECIAL BONUSES that gives you all the reinforcement you'll need to use Spencer's stage hypnosis process on your subjects and so much more...... Keep Reading.. there's more..........

    This Professional Stage Hypnosis Home Study Course
    Will Be Your Complete Hypnotic Source

    This course is so packed with information that you'll feel comfortable knowing that nothing is held back and in fact Don tosses in so many hypnotic extras that you'll probably invite your friends over for pizza and beer and watch it all on the big screen!

    There really is nothing else like it anywhere for a simple reason. No one else has the background and experience that Don & Igor bring to the table in this course, PERIOD!

    How to write Hypnosis Show Contracts
    How to make powerful hypnosis show contacts
    Never before seen, behind the scenes video footage
    Complete stage shows from beginning to end
    How to hypnotize the Spencer way
    Hypnosis in the clinical setting
    Create rapid Hypnotherapy on stage
    Media info for TV, Radio, Press
    Hypnosis Show Ad examples
    Hypnosis Show posters examples
    How to get tons of FREE Publicity
    How to build your own comedy hypnosis show
    Street hypnosis demonstrations
    Radio interviews with Spencer
    In-depth Stage Hypnosis interview with Igor Lechodowski
    (you'll listen to this over and over again)

    How to promote your show for almost nothing

    Become a celebrity in your own town!

    Let me ask you a few questions.
    1. Have you ever in your life wished you had made that one choice that could have turned your life around?
    2. Have you ever thought in your mind, "the what if thought," about something you really wanted but didn't follow through?

    3. Are you tired of struggling to make ends meet?
    4. Would you like to spend more quality time with your family? (even take them on a trip across the country and pick up a few thousand bucks in our spare time)
    I know that I have many times however I pressed onwards.

    If I can impress upon you just one thing as you continue to read this thoroughly to the end, this is the time to put thought into action. In doing so you can become rich and make more money in 1 hour than many people make in a week or two or even a month and quite possibly a year!
    I remember a decision I made a few years ago to accept an invitation to travel overseas for a hypnotic opportunity. That one decision made me more money than I had made in the entire previous year! (Just imagine, an all expense paid "working" trip overseas plus lodging in a 5 Star hotel, unlimited food and drinks, clothes including round-trip First Class airfare.) I came back and vacationed at home for a few months before I got bored and did another show.

    Will You be ready when opportunities are offered to you?

    The Don Spencer
    Ultimate Professional
    Stage Hypnosis
    Home Study Course

    This comprehensive 15 DVD course gives you all the hypnotic goods, from A - Z , the nuts and bolts of the business and lightening speed skills you need to be able to be one of the most powerful, successful and creative individuals in the field of stage hypnosis.
    From the basics of hypnosis to producing mass trance states with anyone, anywhere, anytime, you'll be able to easily create the hypnotic states BEFORE people even come to your shows. You'll be a Master Hypnotist already!
    This guide will make it simple for you to have fun learning stage hypnosis and hypnotizing mass audiences and why not make a boatload of money also using Don's complete stage hypnosis system outlined here. It's a no-brainer!

    PLUS: Be among the first 100 people to pre-order Don Spencer's
    Professional Stage Hypnosis Home Study Course and you'll also
    get the following
    FOUR Bonus Gifts absolutely FREE!

    How Would You Program Your Mind TO INSTANTLY Think,
    Act and Feel like a Professional Stage Hypnotist?

    BONUS 1: A $89 Value FREE
    Program Your
    Mind to Act,
    Think and Feel
    Like a Professional
    Stage Hypnotist
    With Don Spencer

    When you invest in this professional stage hypnosis home study course today,
    we'll make sure you have every advantage to make it easy to Think, Act and Feel
    like a professional stage hypnotist. Listen to this CD and you'll be programmed easily.
    Imagine how powerful you can feel when you re-program your mind and body.
    Simple, powerful, effective! Now get ready for your next show!

    Please Note: This truly is a limited-time offer. So be sure to click below and order now.

    Let Don Spencer Share With You The Most Sought After Products
    That Can Make You Rich Simply By Helping Others Achieve Their Goals.
    Here's the Best Part. They Are All Included FREE.

    BONUS 2: A $149 Value
    A CD Loaded With Programs
    To Help You Become Rich!
    With by Don Spencer

    Since 1986 Don has developed programs to help people stop smoking, lose weight, overcome insomnia are relax easily.
    These are not just audio programs. The stop smoking and weight loss are intensive programs that include eBooks and numerous
    audio support programs to help your customers be successful and help you get rich!

    How Would You Like to Have Even
    MORE Insights into Don's Unique Methods that
    Will Have You Hypnotizing People in the Streets?

    BONUS 3: A $197 Value
    An Outrageously Fun &
    Highly Addictive
    Street Hypnosis DVD
    with Don Spencer on the streets
    around the world just messing
    with people! (in a good way)
    You will want to watch this one over and over and over again just for the fun of it. Okay, you'll watch it over and over again
    because each time you'll discover a new "hypnotic gem" that will just pop right out at you!

    When You Order Now You Can
    Take Advantage of all Those Juicy Bonuses!

    As you are already aware of it you've made it this far, the price and especially the comprehensive package of extra bonuses we're offering to all our pre-sell friends only, makes this limited offer a complete and total NO-BRAINER for anyone who is really serious about becoming the very best Professional Stage Hypnotist you can be.

    So if you want the absolute BEST VALUE AVAILABLE FOR THIS PROFESSIONAL STAGE HYPNOSIS HOME STUDY COURSE, stop right now, you only need to scroll down below to order. After the first 100 pre-orders we will not take any more and this offer may be withdrawn at any moment since we are limiting the number of friends we are inviting to take advantage of this offer now.

    We Do Have 6 More Bonus You'll Love! These Will Give You The Confidence To Kick Butt As a Professional!

    A collection of Royalty Free Music you can use to develop your own comedy hypnosis show! You won't be sued when you make the right choices. Protect yourself as a gift from us at SleepNow Productions. The perfect background theme music for your hypnosis shows.

    $150.00 Bonus FREE when you order today!

    One Live Performances with Spencer on the International Stage. Enjoy the full presentation of Don Spencer on a recent trip to Dubai. From start to finish watch the show. This alone will keep you up late snacking and laughing because you'll be doing this yourself soon, very soon.

    $75.00 Bonus FREE when you order today

    The media will want to know more about you. There is one thing the media likes and that is a Press Release. I've released thousands over the years so why not go ahead and get a copy of mine to use? Of course you'll need to make a few adjustments, but it's what you need.

    Like I said before, if you want to be Professional, then you need to look Professional.

    You'll want to create some posters for your shows so I've included a bunch of posters from past shows that will stimulate your creativity! You're mind will go wild with ideas for your first show.

    This alone will save you hundreds of dollars in design work from professionals.

    Would you like to get rich doing shows while someone else puts the whole thing together? This handy manual will give you the outline for creating fundraising opportunities anywhere.

    This report alone is worth over $250.00 and can make your life downright simple with so much work you might have to turn some away after you get your hypno-mojo going. Fundraising is a win-win for everyone!

    Now that you've booked a show you need to get a contract in the mail ASAP! This simple contract will give you the security you need to ensure you have the show and no one will back out.

    Go to an attorney and pay up to $1500.00 for a contract OR get this one included with your course and you'll be ready to hypnotize anyone, anytime for any amount of money you determine.

    Okay, hear me out one more time! You'll get a FREE 30 minute phone consultation with me. That's easily an extra $500.00 value and it's free when you get your program today. After you order everything and have had a chance to go through it all, I'm sure you'll have a question or two or three. Naturally, life will be much easier when you know you have that 30 minute lifeline with a Seasoned Professional Full-Time Stage Hypnotist. Honestly, you probably won't find that anywhere else because there really in no one I know of who has been a full time hypnotist, hypnotherapist, teacher, author, producer and world class entertainer except.....

    This alone is priceless. Imagine having your show professionally critiqued. You'll get the highs, the lows, the good and the bad. How will this serve YOU? Simple. You will only become a far superior stage hypnotist because you realize the importance of professional feedback from a true performer, not some sideline hacker. Every successful person uses a coach, a mentor and you'll get the feedback you deserve so you can only become better!


    HOW WOULD AN EXTRA $1,000.00



    $100,000 BEFORE
    DECEMBER 31, 2016?

    The Bottom Line

    Right now, we are offering you the very best deal EVER on our Professional Stage Hypnosis Home Study Course. We know it should cost more, and it will in the near future we will jack the price back up! But we want to reward those willing to take action now and order today with our special GET STARTED FAST PROFESSIONAL STAGE HYPNOSIS HOME STUDY package.......

    Due to the sensitive proprietary nature of this material, and the fact that it has never before been fully revealed outside of one of Don's live private one on one $25,000.00 mentoring training's, we originally planned to charge quite a bit more for this breakthrough course right from the start... Keep in mind, this COMPLETE COURSE contains everything you need to complete Don's Professional Stage Hypnosis Training Home Study Course. Nothing is held back. And you were there...

    Before you go ahead and order, listen to Sperling, what a trip he is:

    "I would recommend this for everyone. If you don't know how to
    hypnotize, you need to learn how to hypnotize."

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    It's Time To Order Before We Withdraw This Offer.

    Your entire investment in this complete professional stage hypnosis home study
    course is only $1497, $1197, ($597 for a limited time and only for friends
    and affiliates of SleepNow.com. This can skyrocket at any time, and will.)

    You Understand When You Order Today That You Are Receiving
    over $5,525.00 in FREE BONUS'S Plus You're Saving The Cost Of
    Traveling to Las Vegas for 6 days ) a day before and after the training
    in hotel fees adding another $1,600.00 you saved including meals
    and other travel necessities.

    Naturally you now can see that saving over $6,000.00 and
    grabbing your program right now is the way to go!


    When you purchase the DVD set delivered to your door we'll send you
    a link to download the 15 DVD course you can play on your computer!

    Only $1,197 USD

    Special Once in a Lifetime Offer
    for Future Friends and Affiliates:
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