CES Ultra: Useful for Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Addiction.

Enhances Relaxed Awareness,
Cognitive Function,
Mental Performance,
Reduces tension
Elevates mood
Normalizes sleep patterns
No serious negative side effects
Easy to use, compact, and portable
A fraction of the cost of prescription drugs

Stress is our nation’s #1 health problem.

It is the source of the anxiety, depression, and insomnia plaguing millions of Americans. Stress accounts for more than two-thirds of family doctor visits and is an important risk factor in all major illnesses. Left unchecked, it is a killer.

There are many ways to manage stress. Among the most popular is altering brain chemistry through the use of pharmaceuticals. This approach is not without its problems however, including negative side effects and cost.

Now there is CES, (cranial electrotherapy stimulation). Employing mild electrical stimulation, CES helps restore emotional balance, for optimum pre-stress functioning in a safe, non-addictive, and affordable manner.

Symptoms from stress are the result of an imbalance in the central nervous system (CNS).  Post Trauma Disorder is one of the most common stress disorders among children and adults, though not generally recognized.   

CES is a completely safe treatment for Post Trauma Disorder (formerly known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD), as well as other conditions and disorders brought about by stress.  Ear clips mildly stimulate the vagus nerve which lies just beneath the ear and along the jaw.  CES uses "frequency modulation" to help restore emotional balance by enhancing homeostasis in the central nervous system.  The central nervous system is returned to its optimum pre-trauma and pre-stress functioning and can maintain this balanced state automatically.   No matter the severity or how long symptoms have persisted they begin to disappear in a matter of days and weeks. 
 And all changes are permanent.  

CES is also completely non-invasive. Unlike electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), or shock treatment, no electricity is introduced into the brain at all.

CES successfully relieves of symptoms of:

      –  Depression
      –  Insomnia

Advantages of the cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES)
       –  Stabilizes the equilibrium of the central nervous system.
      –  Relieves depression by elevating moods and helps restore emotional balance.
      –  Reduces tension by developing the “relaxation response.”
      –  Relieves anxiety disorder – the primary symptom of Post Trauma Disorder – and
          depression by balancing the energy in the central nervous system.
      –  Normalizes sleep patterns.
      –  Completely safe, non–invasive and non–addictive treatment – no current enters the
      –  Easy to use, compact, and portable.
      –  Can be used as long as wanted each day.
        Backed by 50 years of research and is FDA registered.
        More applications than any other CES unit.
      –  The most cost–effective CES unit available.

Anxiety/Anxiety disorder
This most immediate impact of Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation CES is the reduction of anxiety and the many complex symptoms of Anxiety Disorder.  For most, this reduction of anxiety is experienced during the course of treatment; for others, hours or several days after treatment.  CES leaves a feeling of both relaxation and alertness.  

CES treatment differs from pharmaceutical treatments in that people report feeling their bodies as lighter and more relaxed and their mind more alert and clear.  

It has been widely reported that the symptoms specifically from Post Trauma Disorder (PTD) are significantly relieved by CES Many symptoms are the result of a traumatic or catastrophic event.  This event cause the brain to change very seriously.  It creates an imbalance in the energy field in the ‘old’ or ‘reptilian’ brain.  (See Post Trauma Disorder - "Reptilian Brain".)  Once balance is re–established in the central nervous system it can then maintain that balance, and symptoms of PTD, no matter how old or severe, simply drop away.   And all of the changes are permanent.

CES has a dramatic effect on relieving depression and other mental health problems.  Depression and mood swings become less frequent, as do irrational anger, irritability, and poor impulse control.Mental confusion begins to subside.  The ability to focus and concentrate becomes easier and more efficient.Cognitive processing is visibly enhanced.  As concentration and memory improve, recalling information and learning in an accelerated manner return to normal pre–stress or pre–trauma levels.

CES is the most effective intervention for insomnia and sleep disturbances.  Sleep disorders comes in many different forms.  Sleep patterns begin to normalize within the first day or two, with less and shorter periods of awakening during the night, faster onset of sleep after going to bed, and a greater feeling of being rested upon awakening.  CES users often report an increase in vivid dreaming, resulting from compensation for lost REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.  As sleep patterns normalize over the next two or three nights the vivid dreaming becomes less frequent.

Other uses for CES  pain, chronic tension headaches and migraines, addiction recovery
In addition to anxiety, depression and insomnia, there are many other conditions and disorders that experience a marked decrease or elimination of symptoms.

A recent study of 202 chronic pain patients treated for 30 minutes or less in several medical clinics with microcurrents probes on or near the pain site on the body, plus CES across the head, showed that their pain was reduced by an average of 50% or more, and 17% were entirely pain free at the end of the 30 minute treatment period.  Interestingly, those who had been in pain longest showed the greatest gains.

CES has been reported to enhance successful addiction recovery.  A major use of CES is in the drug abstinence syndrome in which people are withdrawing from various substances.  CES has been reported to relieve withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, anxiety and pain.

CES has also been reported to be a successful treatment for chronic tension headaches and migraines.

It comes with a carrying case, earclips and reusable electrodes, instructions, and 9 volt battery.

The CES Ultra has FDA registration as a cranial electrotherapy stimulator, a device that applies electrical current to the head to treat insomnia, depression, or anxiety.

CES Ultra Cranial Electrical Stimulator

The CES Ultra is a CES instrument (cranial electrotherapy stimulator) that offers a non-drug therapy for the treatment of ANXIETY, DEPRESSION and INSOMNIA. CES has been used in numerous countries around the world for over 30 years. It involves the application of mild microcurrent electrical impulses to the head via electrodes applied behind the ears or by means of ear-clip electrodes

CES should be used under direction of a licensed health care practitioner. Individual results will vary, but many patients report significant improvement of their Stress-Related Symptoms over a period of 2 to 3 weeks daily use. Following the initial series of CES Ultra applications, the device may be used on occasion as needed to maintain the achieved level of improvements. Normally, CES is used Once or Twice Daily for 30 minutes per session, or longer if desired.

Electrode Selection

The CES Ultra offers three types of electrodes: a pair of comfortable Ear Clip Electrodes, a set of Self-Adhesive electrodes and a pin-connector leadwire for use with variable size electrodes. Most CES applications will use the earclip electrodes.

YOUR CES Ultra includes

Pulse repetition rate - 100 Hz.
Timers - 30 min., 45 min. or continuous
Battery - 9v. alkaline approx. 20 hours use
Low Battery indicator Led
Convenient ear-clip electrodes
4 Self-adhesive electrodes (wet to reuse)
2 cable sets with 2mm pin connectors suitable for a variety of electrodes
Sturdy carrying and storage case
One year warranty for repair or replacement

30 day return privilege (less 15% restock fee).

e FDA Part 882--Neurological Devices Subpart F--Neurological Therapeutic Devices Sec. 882.5800

CES also has appications in the following areas:
      –  Natural disasters and catastrophic events 
      –  Crisis and suicide hotlines
      –  Medical, healthcare and rehabilitation services and facilities
      –  First responder, relief agencies, and emergency services and facilities
      –  Drug and alcohol rehab programs and facilities
      –  Other substance abuse programs and facilities
      –  Police and fire departments
      –  High risk jobs
      –  High stress jobs
      –  Airline pilots
      –  Air traffic controllers
      –  K-9 units
      –  High impact sports

The CES Ultra is appropriate for use under the mandate for preparedness and to minimize the damage of potential attacks and natural disasters.  The categories of federal and regional needs and applications include:
      –  national military services including reservists and National Guard
national and regional relief agencies, emergency services, first responders, police
          and fire departments
preparedness for natural disasters and catastrophes
–   preparedness for homeland security for nuclear, terrorist and cyber threats
–  crises such as civil unrest, riots, famine, conflict and war

The rapid changes that take place in the central nervous system when using the
CES Ultraare predictable and follow similar patterns over a period of days and weeks.

Initial Usage
   –  Pleasant experience of calm.
   –  Gradually induced relaxation response.

  First Two to Three Days
   –  Elevation of mood.
   –  Decreased nervous energy and frenetic behavior.
   –  Normalization of sleep patterns.
   –  Faster onset of sleep on going to bed.
   –  Fewer and shorter periods of waking at night.
   –  A feeling of being rested upon waking in the a.m.

  Week One
   –  Diminished depression and mood swings.
   –  Fewer episodes of irrational anger and irritability.
   –  Greater sense of balance, centeredness and calm.
   –  A pleasant, detached state & quieting of the mind.
   –  mproved impulse control.

Weeks Two and Three
   –  Diminished mental confusion.
   –  Heightened clarity and alertness.
   –  Increased mental energy.
   –  Heightened ability to focus.
   –  Improved task concentration.
   –  Normalized information recall.
   –  Accelerated learning.

After Week Three
Symptoms continue to diminish and disappear over a period of weeks and months.  For some it may take longer to experience relief from symptoms.  Just continue to use the unit and the changes will take place.  For lasting benefits, the CES Ultra  should be continued at intervals on an as–needed basis.


Q. What is CES?
CES, or cranial electrotherapy stimulation, is a non-pharmacologic approach using gentle electrical impulses for the prevention and treatment of depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Q. How does it work?
The exact physiological mechanism by which CES works is not fully understood and is still the subject of research study. It is hypothesized, however, that CES acts by indirectly stimulating brain tissue in the hypothalamic area, causing the brain to manufacture various neurohormones and restoring them to pre-stress homeostasis.

Q. Is CES safe?
CES has an unblemished safety record. A broad reading of published literature on the subject shows no negative effects or major contraindications from its use, either in the U.S. or in other parts of the world. The National Research Council has deemed CES a non-significant risk modality.
The unit's sole source of current is a common nine volt battery. Its intensity is limited to 1.5 milliamps—no more than is required to run a small toy or a penlight. Even when turned to maximum intensity, it is not harmful. It is suggested, however, that until you become fully acclimated to the unit, you maintain the amplitude at a lower setting.

Q. How is the current transmitted?
The CES Ultra is powered by a nine volt battery. It utilizes pre-gelled electrodes that sit below each ear and snap on or attach to the end of a lead-wire that plugs into the jack of the unit. Another option is ear-clips fitted with felt or conductive rubber electrodes which attach to each earlobe.

Q. What is it like?
Most people find CES a pleasurable experience. The most you will ever feel is a gentle tingling sensation. If the sensation proves too strong, you can reduce it by a simple turn of the knob.
Increasing or decreasing the amplitude does not impair the efficacy of the treatment. Research shows CES to operate effectively at both lower and higher levels of stimulation as well as below the sensate threshold. A common approach is to turn the amplitude to the point of sensation, turn it down slightly below that point, and leave it there for the remainder of the session. Your own comfort level always dictates the amplitude.

Q. Is CES user-friendly?
The CES Ultra is easy to use: (1.) Attach either the electrodes or the ear-clips. (2.) Insert the lead-wire into the jack. (3.) Turn the unit on and to the desired amplitude (4.) Optional - set the timer.

Q. Does CES work for everyone?
Nothing works for everyone. But CES is effective for most people.

Q. What immediate results can I expect?
Most people experience a response almost immediately after treatment, others, after several days. This relaxed but alert state will usually remain for an average of 12 to 72 hours after the first few sessions. With regular use it is possible for the patient to habituate to this preferred state of consciousness.

Q. How does CES affect sleep?
CES is positively indicated in the treatment of insomnia. Sleep patterns begin to normalize within the first day or two, with less and shorter periods of awakening during the night, faster onset of sleep after going to bed, and a greater feeling of being rested upon awakening in the morning. CES users often report an increase in vivid dreaming, resulting from compensation for lost REM sleep. As sleep patterns normalize—within the next two or three nights—it should become less frequent.

Q. What additional long-range changes should I expect?
Depression and mood swings become less frequent, as do irrational anger, irritability, and poor impulse control. Mental confusion due to stress begins to subside. The ability to focus and concentrate on work becomes easier and more efficient. Cognitive processing is visibly enhanced. As concentration and memory improve, recalling information and learning in an accelerated manner return to normal pre-stress levels.

Q. When should CES be used?
CES may be used on waking in the morning and/or on going to bed at night and/or during the day in particular situations. It can be used both as an adjunct to meditation each morning or during stressor moments occurring unexpectedly in the course of a day—those times when you "lose it." Using the unit in those situations—even for as little as ten minutes—can help curb that anxiety. In addition to activating actual bio-electrical changes, it serves as a reminder that you can be with yourself in a different way—a positive affirmation that you have the power to change your emotional state and are willing to create the time and the space to do so. Ultimately, each person finds for themselves how to best incorporate CES into their daily routine.

Q. Where can it be used?
The CES Ultra is about the size of a cellphone, allowing its use just about anywhere and under a variety of circumstances, except those noted under the contraindications. You can use it at home while watching TV, doing the dishes, or at the office while poring over a report. But CES should be treated as more than an aside—one more task, squeezed in between others. It is an important reminder of the need for inner quiet. Though you need not interrupt your usual activity for CES, its results are generally enhanced by setting aside a special time for its use alone.

Q. What is the suggested length and frequency of treatment?
The recommended usage is 30-45 minutes once or twice daily for the first month. Once symptoms are reduced or eliminated entirely, the frequency may be reduced to two or three times weekly. Individuals undergoing psychiatric treatment or suffering from severe anxiety and extremes of compulsive behavior often benefit from more frequent and prolonged application.
When symptoms of depression or anxiety have lessened or disappeared, it is important to have continuous access to the unit as a tool for relapse prevention on an as-needed basis. It is helpful that you work closely with your physician/healthcare professional to determine the role CES plays in your overall treatment program.

Q. Are there any contraindications for its use?
There are no known contraindications for use of CES. There are, however, circumstances in which its safety has not been tested. CES should not be used without on-going clinical supervision by severe depressives, epileptics, those known to be pregnant, or by individuals with implanted electronic devices such as cardiac pacemakers or insulin pumps. The induced relaxation response, resulting from use of CES does not in any way impair reaction time. It is recommended, however, that CES not be used while operating dangerous or complex equipment or while driving.
Less than three percent of CES users report a slight headache. This is usually alleviated by simply turning down the current. If the headache recurs during ordinary use, cease using the unit and consult with your physician.
As with the use of any medical device, the physician/licensed practitioner should be informed of any medication or neurotransmitter blockers the patient is taking as well as the employment of cardiac pacemakers or other electronic devices as mentioned above.
CES is not a substitute for professional counseling, meditation, or constructive relationships. Used in conjunction with those efforts, CES assists you in attaining a balanced emotional state.

Q. What is the history of CES?
Research on what is now referred to as CES began in the former Soviet Union during the 1950s, its primary focus being the treatment of sleep disorders, hence its initial designation as "electro-sleep." Treatment of insomnia was soon overshadowed, however, by psychiatric application for depression and anxiety. Since then, it has been referred to by many other names, the most popular being "transcranial electrotherapy" (TCET) and "neuroelectric therapy" (NET).
East European nations soon picked up CES as a treatment modality, and its use spread worldwide. By the late 1960s, animal studies of CES had begun in the United States at the University of Tennessee and what is now the University of Wisconsin Medical School. These were soon followed by human clinical trials at the University of Texas Medical School in San Antonio and the University of Wisconsin Medical School. More studies followed.
CES has been an international treatment modality for more than 50 years. Thousands of people worldwide continue to receive its benefits. The most extensive work on CES is presently being conducted at the Pavlov Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia. But by no means is its use restricted to that part of the world. Current estimates are that there are between 50-100,000 units in use globally.

Q. What research is there as to its effectiveness?
There are approximately 1,000 articles on CES therapy many of which are listed in four reviews put out by the Foreign Service Bulletin of the United States Library of Congress. This is in addition to the wealth of physiological and bio-engineering data on electro-sleep and electro-anesthesia, including 18 experimental animal studies. Human research studies on CES currently number more than 100. Its efficacy has been clinically confirmed through 28 established psychometric tests, computerized EEGs and topographical brain-mapping. Meta-analyses yielding positive results from the use of CES have been conducted at the University of Tulsa and at the Harvard University School of Public Health.

Q. What is the current legal status of CES?
CES is an over-the-counter device, available without a prescription and with few restrictions everywhere in the world except for the United States. There it may be secured only on the order of a licensed health care practitioner (M.D., N.D., D.O., PhD. Psychologist, or Chiropractor, depending on a given state's regulations).

Q. Why haven't I heard more about CES?
CES has been a relatively unknown and under-deployed technology due to the fundamental Western bias on behalf of pharmaceuticals. Within the last ten years, we have come to better understand the connection between brain function, neurotransmitters, and electrical stimulation. As our knowledge of this area grows and new research findings emerge, so too will the popularity and increased usage of CES.

Q. What distinguishes the CES Ultra from other CES units?
The most significant research on CES is based on the traditional 100 Hz; a much smaller portion on micro frequencies—those less than one Hz. The CES Ultra is the premier unit on the market currently featuring the original 100 Hz configuration. Other units may claim to carry the 100 Hz but do not have an accurate rendition of the configuration on which most of the research is based.
There are also certain "underground" instruments on the market, many of which can be found on the internet. Contrary to their oft-stated anecdotal claims, most have no scientific evidence behind them. Many are nothing more than low-cost pulse generators of dubious quality, and have not been fully evaluated for either efficacy or safety. They are not registered with the FDA. Often billing themselves as "for research purposes only," they do not have permission to present themselves as "medical devices" or make any medical claims.

 The CES Ultra is a successful drug-free treatment modality for whose time has come.


"Thank you for taking the time to follow up with me. It is great to see effort of people such as yourself to help others with their sleep problems. I have used the machine for almost three months now, usually on a weekly basis. Now I only use it when I find difficulty falling asleep. I turn the device on and within 30 minutes I am asleep. For 15 years I have had constant sleep problems and now thanks to your 'machine, I am able to get a good night's sleep."
~ Sherry M.

"I work in a high-stress environment. My job has thrown my body-clock totally out of whack. I hadnt been able to get a good solid night's sleep for many months. I don't believe in taking sleeping pills, so when a friend recommended that I try the CES Ultra, I was eager to do so. After only a few times using it while watching TV, I noticed the effect almost immediately. It began to restore my sleep patterns back to normal...."
~ Susan K.

"Now when I wake up I feel much better, more relaxed and refreshed and I also feel that I am coping with the stress much better at work. It's is like having my own personal little relaxation device. I love it and will recommend it to all my friends and associates."
~ Davia E.

"I am quite familiar with research on CES, having presented a paper on it to my colleagues at an annual convention, showing them how effective CES is in dealing not only with sleep, but also with problems associated with stress, mood, addiction, and pain. My familiarity with the 50-year history of research in CES allows me to state with certainty that the technology used in the CES Ultra is effective.

CES has also been shown to reduce muscular tension. I often recommend it to patients who have been injured in automobile accidents, as its gentle and relaxing effects help them to overcome not only the emotional impact of the accident, but reduce their perception of pain as well."
~ Psychologist, Canada

"My body had actually lost its ability to fall asleep naturally and now, just the thoughts of going to sleep had become a great source of daily stress and anxiety for me. So bad was this problem that when it was actually time for me to go to bed ... I would lie there wide awake for hours. The CES Ultra gave me my life back, and I feel like a new person again."
~ Wayne R.

"Several months ago I suffered with severe insomnia. I couldn't get more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night, and sometimes I couldn't sleep at all. I tried all kinds of sleep medications and supplements without success. I saw a neurologist who specializes in sleep problems, but she was of little help. I did some research on the internet and came across studies with CES. I decided to buy a CES Ultra. Within 2 weeks I was able to get 7 hours of sleep a night. I used it every day for two months and during that time I had no insomnia. Now I find that using it 2 or 3 times a week is sufficient for me to get a good night's sleep."
~ Ray W.

"I am using [the CES Ultra] most nights for an hour or so ... It has worked well for me and usually gives me about 6-7 hours of solid sleep... One thing I have noticed is that my mind is a bit sharper, which is such a blessing at 81 years old!"
- Cheers,
~ Irene Cey

"I never believed when I first started using [the CES Ultra] that its effect would be so noticeable. I was totally amazed. I was going through some personal problems in my life and all this added stress was contributing to me not sleeping properly. I was absolutely full of tension ... because I was only getting four or five hours sleep a night.

I started to use your CES machine in the evenings around 9:30, as I settled in to watch a little TV. It helped to calm my nerves and actually made me feel more relaxed. I keep it on my coffee table ... so it's always close by. Now I am sleeping about 7 hours a night."
~ Paul M.

"I had been searching for a natural solution to my sleep problems because I knew that the sleeping pills I had been taking were only making the problem worse. I think that the very first time I tried this solution, I became hooked on the experience. As soon as I started using your machine, I could feel the relaxing effect almost immediately and because this device was totally natural and had no negative side effects, for me, it was the perfect solution. It not only reduced my stress and tension levels but it actually gave me a good night's sleep. As a result, I have made it a regular part of my everyday life and as a matter of fact, the more I use it, the better I feel."
~ Neil K.

"Thanks to the CES Ultra, I've recently been able to wean myself off of SSRI medication. I'm so glad to have found CES. It's unbelievable how much better it works than medication. It just amazes me that the public isn't really aware of these devices and their effectiveness.... What I wouldn't give to have had one of these about 15 years ago; if I'd only known. Thanks for making a great product."
~ Alan M.

"My family is in the middle of a miracle. Your CES unit is the catalyst for this miracle and we are so very grateful to you. I would like to tell you a little of our story. Although four members of the family have great stories to tell concerning the CES unit, the greatest of all the miracles concerns my grandson, Johnathan. He is eighteen years old and has been heavily medicated for more than twelve years... Even with all of this medication, he was still unable to leave his mother's presence; He was still hallucinating... and was sure someone or something was going to harm him. He has been unable to leave home, except for school...and was never able to spend the night with anyone and has had to sleep in his parents bedroom. He began using CES in July 2004. After about 8 or 9 days, my daughter called from their home in Chicago to see if I could keep him for awhile. He was feeling better and she wondered if he might be able to get on an airplane and fly here... Mind you, this child has never left his mother's side and here we are talking about putting him on an airplane to travel by himself. He had apprehensions...but he came. He used the CES unit while here for four weeks. Just as remarkable, while here, he was able to challenge himself to make brief forages into malls and stores and bathrooms by himself. He has never been able to do so in the past. Since he has been on medication for years, and has been getting the same encouragement from mom, dad and family all of his life and since CES in the only obvious change...it seems clear to us that the CES is the cause of these positive changes."
~ Eileen V.

"I purchased my CES Ultra for use in my clinic and for my personal use after reading about the Veteran's Administration testing Cranial Electrical Stimulation for both depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in veterans. Since I am an Active Duty Army Physician Assistant serving with the 10th Mountain Division and later the 25th Combat Aviation Brigade on 3 deployments to Iraq, I treat many young Soldiers with both of those conditions. Using both professional psycho-therapy (standard talk therapy), SSRIs and CES Ultra I felt that we were giving our Soldiers the best possible therapies. Where no one therapy works for all conditions and all Soldiers, I felt that the more tools in my arsenal the better. All the Soldiers seem to like the immediate calming effects of the CES Ultra and many of the Soldiers commented that they slept much better on nights they got a session with the CES Ultra. I use it when doing office work and filling out patient's charts and always feel more calm and focused and sleep better when I use it regularly. I recommend CES Ultra to anyone that has depression, or feels anxious or frazzle and wants a non-medication treatment for calming ones nerves and improving their sleep."
~ MAJ James M Brumley, APA-C

"We have sold hundreds of CES Ultras since their introduction. While we do not release feedback from our customers, judging by referrals and orders for supplies, it seems that the devices have had positive results. We have a liberal return policy and have received very few back. The CES Ultra has an excellent track record for reliability as well."
~ Phil Safier, Elixa Ltd

"I began having sleep problems when I started my new job as a teacher and my husband started shift work. I found it hard to fall asleep and I was waking up much too early and then I was unable to get back to sleep again.

Sleeping pills are not an option for me because sometimes they leave you tired and I have to be alert at my job during the day. After using the [CES Ultra] for less than 30 days, I have found I am able to fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep until my alarm clock actually goes off. When I get up I feel well rested and able to take on my day."
~ Jennifer B.

"The more I use it, the better I feel."
~ Luis S.

"I am so glad that a friend of mine directed me to The CES Ultra. I have been astonished with the results. Within a few weeks I noticed a big improvement in my memory and I was more focused and alert while studying. What a great product!"
~ Dana K.

"I don't think that I have slept through the night properly since my daughter was born nearly 17 years ago. For me it was a challenge to fall asleep, and if I managed to do that, then I would still keep waking up every couple of hours or so. My sleep cycles were totally out of whack and were destroying my every waking moment.

This situation had gone on for so long, that I was beginning to believe that nothing could change it ... and the only help I got from my doctor ... was a prescription for more sleeping pills.

A friend suggested that I try your CES machine, and after only a couple of weeks of daily use, I began to notice that I was waking up less often and sleeping much better through the night. The best part about sleeping longer is that when I got up, I actually felt well rested and refreshed. Truthfully I haven't felt this good for years.

I am so glad I trusted my instincts on this one. It worked out to be one of the best things I have ever done for myself."
~ Tova G.

"I suffered from insomnia for 15 years. I had tried everything I could find to make myself sleep better. Nothing that my doctors were doing was able to help me. Then I discovered the CES Ultra. I was miserable, and began suffering from depression. After daily use for 11 days I went from sleeping an hour or 2 at a time to sleeping 6 hours straight. Within the first month of use I was sleeping through the night. The CES Ultra didn't only help me sleep, I tell my friends: It saved my life!!"
~ Laurie C. - Sammamish, WA

"CES is the doorway to good health. It works as an important adjunct in programs invoking nutrients, hormones, and medications. Its multiplicity of health benefits include: induction of relaxation response; exertion of control over frontal lobe behavior and modulating hormone levels...When amino acid supplementation is coupled with CES therapy, this combination is a potentially potent therapeutic regimen for anti-aging."

~ Eric Braverman, M.D. - Director, PATH Medical, Author, The Edge Effect

"I have professionally worked with CES for twenty years and found it to be a very effective tool for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. I also found it to have profound implications in addressing chronic pain, head injuries and PTSD. In a study on ADHD which I personally conducted, CES reduced both state and trait anxiety significantly and enhanced cognitive capabilities, gains which lasted six months after treatment. CES is very safe and has none of the negative side effects of some psychopharmacological interventions. It should be part of every mental health professionals' treatment protocol."

~ Charles McCusker, Ph,D. - Licensed Psychologist, Salt Lake City, Utah


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